It looks like this new site actually works. So this will be my new blogging hangout. This blog will probably be a lot more personal than one I did at The Formula Kid site. There will still be a lot of talk about music and stuff like that of course but this will be more of a diary than a what’s-going-on-with-the-band thing.

This site is going to function a little different from the last. This will only be a blog so if you want to find music you’ll click the “Mp3 Downloads” link under the Categories over there at the left. Then all the blog posts with music will be shown. If your looking for pictures, you’ll click the “Pictures” link. You see the pattern developing here? Or if you’re interested in more pictures you can get to our Flickr page over there at the right.

I’m going to do the blog comments just like The Formula Kid blog for now. You won’t have to register or anything like that. But if I start to get a bunch of spam I may have to re-think that. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen.

I got together with Dino last night to hang out and talk about the music he’s been writing. He played me a bunch of recordings that were really cool. A lot of it was loop-based (with live drums of course), moody, groovy tunes. We’re going to be working together on some more of this same type of stuff.

We also talked about my solo album and when we could get started recording it. I’ve got a bunch of new songs but most of it is only about half way written so I’ve committed to finishing up the lyrics and arrangements before jumping into any real recording.

I don’t have any new music to post right now but I do have this mp3 of my son Riley singing. Pretty funny stuff. The first song he does is one that Angel sings to him every morning to wake him up but after that he just starts riffing and it’s hilarious.

Check it out.

Here are the two songs that were on the old site.

All I’m Living For

Fall Fights

Here are the original, full-band versions of these songs.

Fall Fights

(from the album Invention of the Wheel – Drew Johnson Band)

All I’m Living For

(from the album Without Benefit of Clergy – Koffterweid)

Since this is my first post I have to tag it in every category to get the categories to all show up under the categories header. Just letting you know why.