Last night we attended Riley’s pre-school graduation ceremony. Pre-school graduation? That’s a bit of an oxymoron isn’t it?

He graduated with honors. As we expected, all the elementary school scouts were there. Buzzards! Each one of them promising to have Riley filled with insecurities faster than the next.

I was very proud. Angel cried through most of the ceremony. It struck me as odd that it never dawned on me to cry. And it always dawns on me to cry.

We took a bunch of pictures, none of which were really web-worthy. Web-worthy means that I looked really good and did not show my yellow teeth.

The Ebay bidding has started on my Dr. Z. Can I get a what, what? I’ve been watching the bidding on other Dr. Z amps for a few weeks just to make sure I knew what to expect. Well I definitely didn’t expect the bidding to start so quickly. Hopefully that’s a good sign.