I should really take blogging more seriously. I have precious little time to commit to this writing exercise so it would just make sense for me to be thinking about it during the day. Maybe scribble out a rough draft. Jot down a couple of notes. Something Johnson, ya bum!

But alas, no.

I usually wait until I’m far too sleepy to be entertaining. Like now. See? This is actually the opposite of entertainment.

Hey! I got it!

OK here.

We rented an incredibly refreshing movie this past weekend. We watched it twice we liked it so much. It’s ‘Stranger than Fiction’. Awesome movie. Some of the most innovative and fresh writing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Have you seen it? Go check it out. I’ll wait.

See? Awesome wasn’t it. Totally.

There is one extremely profound line in the movie that I think could be applied to the Christian life. (If you haven’t seen the movie this will make no sense. Wait a minute. I told you I’d wait. Why are you reading this part if you didn’t go see it?) Will Ferrell says to Emma Thompson “I love your book. I think you should finish it.” The way the movie is written this scene could work like a person talking to God. I like what you’re doing. I don’t always understand it but I surrender to it. Whatever may come. It’s your book God. Write it.

Of course I watched the special features – twice. The company that did the special effects is MK12. The director of the movie said that this short clip is what made him decide to give MK12 the gig. Very cool stuff.