My Dr. Z is packed and on its way to South Carolina as I speak. It sold for — wait—is it tacky for me to say how much I got for it? I don’t think so. Is it? Whatever. I expected it to sell for around $1,250. It sold for $1,157. Not too bad.

Here’s something I learned from the whole experience that I’d like to share with Ebay virgins. If you’re going to sell an amp that weighs close to 80 pounds, don’t use Ebay’s shipping-cost wizard thingy. That little rapscallion estimated that it would cost $43.92 to ship the amp to S.C. So that was what I charged the buyer. The actual cost: $132.28. So that was about $90 that I just had to eat. I always prefer learning lessons the hard way. They’re just so much more memorable that way.

Here’s is how I’ll be spending some of the money.

Sonar 6 Producer Edition – $399 is almost a too-good-to-be-true price for this program. Little nervous about that.

Edirol PCR-M80 MIDI Controller – Learning MIDI will free me from having to deal with those pesky little musicians.

Rotosound Bass Strings – I haven’t put new strings on my bass since I bought it so I figure I should probably do that soon. I don’t know if these particular strings are any good but the picture of Sheehan’s pink bass against the backdrop of his chest hair on the front of the package makes these strings particularly irresistable.

1GB of RAM – This will bring me up to 2GB, which is as much as my motherboard will handle or I’d buy more. I don’t know how heavy of a program Sonar 6 is going to be but I want to make sure that my PC isn’t going to sweat bullets every time I try to run a reverb in real time.

So that should get my studio back in business. Thank the good Lord.

This morning at church a group from CBC called Heartsong did a mini concert. Mini concert – gigantic band. Guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, keyboard, two trumpets, tenor sax, and roughly fifteen singers. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a live band just blow me away but I have to say Heartsong really, really impressed me. They’re getting ready to release a live album and I’ll definitely be picking that up. Wow. Nice.

This afternoon our worship band had a rehearsal and I made it a point for us to talk about Heartsong and what we can take away from seeing them play. I think it’s very important for bands to do this. We’ve always done it in my bands and I consider it an essential part of moving forward. Why did Heartsong sound so good? What did they do right? What did they do wrong? (very little from where I was sitting)  It’s just like watching Pujols play baseball. You may never hit 40 home runs with 125 RBIs but there is a world to be learned from how the guy approaches the fundamentals of baseball. Keep your eye on the ball. Use two hands. Play hard.

There are fundamentals for bands too. Listen. Blend. Listen. Relax. Listen. Be confident. Listen. Pay attention. And most importantly, Listen.

Whenever I find out how to get my hands on their new album I’ll pass the information along. There are so few bands that seem to do everything right, this band is in that category.