Good grief, it’s been five days since I’ve written anything. Maybe it’s been five days since I’ve actually had a thought. That’s probably it.

Friday night Angel and I went to The Maxtone Four‘s CD release party. What a great show. I was asked to sing on their song ‘Just Say I Know’ and that was a blast. The camera crew from The Set was there filming the whole thing so I’ll let you know when that will be airing.

This was the first time Angel and I had been to a club since the last Formula Kid show, I think. It was very nice to see some old friends and familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a long time. I got to hang out with Christopher Gustave for quite a while which was very cool. I hadn’t spoken to Chris face to face in far too long.

The whole night was kind of weird though. I had a sense of nostalgia like I was visiting a former life. Which I was in a way, except sober. It’s better that way. I realized how much I really love those friends that I see so little of. If I had been drunk I would have had an easier time telling them. I hate that. I really want to make it a point to tell people I love them more often.

I was very surprised at how tempted I was to buy a pack of smokes on the way. I was very surprised at how much I wanted to get tanked. I was very glad no one offered me a cigarette or a drink. Thanks. I made it through the entire evening without giving in but it wasn’t easy. I wouldn’t have missed that show for the world but in the future I should really avoid situations where I’m setting myself up to fail.