I’m not sure if any of you ever pay attention to the free songs iTunes offers, but one of them this week is really worth checking out. It’s called “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles. So open up iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, scroll down to the FREE ON iTunes section and it’s the first song you’ll see. Excellent, bouncy pop. If Ben Folds had been born a girl this is who’d he’d have been.

Angel is sitting over at her computer drooling over my recently re-discovered baseball card collection. Not because she knows who Harmon Killebrew is but because she sees that people on the web are willing to drop lots of cash on some of the cards I have. I had sort of forgotten about my cards until the other day. It dawned on me that I may have enough money is baseball cards to pay off our credit cards. Visa takes Rickey Henderson rookie cards, right?