Here’s what has happened since we last spoke.

We went to our first ballgame this season. We played the Giants so we got to boo Bonds. That was cool.

In the immortal words of Mark McGwire “Steroids is bad.” I say cell phone pictures is also bad.

Here’s Riley being as cute as his dad. And whenever I find the guy I’m going to punch his stupid face.

Fredbird asked to have his picture taken with Riley so we charged him $25.

Angel and I have become hopelessly addicted to Lost. We needed a new show to sell our souls to and Lost has fit the bill swimmingly. Dino has raved about the show which – when it comes to movies – means that you should run screaming in the opposite direction. It seems he got this one right however. Maybe his horrible taste in films doesn’t really translate to TV. We’re on disc two of season two if you’re following along at home.

Riley turned five yesterday. It’s truly a miracle that we’ve been able to keep him alive this long. Happy Birthday Riley.

Angel’s family was in town from Georgia for the whole weekend. They left this morning and I’ve given Angel 24 hours to lose the accent she always picks up when they’re here. They say things like “What do you won’t to eat?” And if whatever you won’t to eat tastes funny then you should “smell of it” to see if it smells funny too.

This is from Riley’s party Friday night. Our scanner is an embarrassment. Sorry.

Left to Right: Angel’s Uncle Rickey, Riley, Angel’s mom Connie, Angel’s dashing husband, Angel’s self Angel, Angel’s Grandma Lee, Angel’s Grandpa Oscar.

I’m going to try and get back in the habit of blogging. It’s hard though. I’ve been doing really well at spending less time on the puter which means more time with the family.That’s good. But less time on the puter means I only want to do the things that are most important to me and right now recording is way more important than writing about recording.