Yeah, so, like, that whole bit about how I was going to try and blog more often was apparently a total lie.

Angel and I had a long conversation the other night about how a dad/husband/musician should divide his time so as to be effective in all three disciplines. The resulting plan did not involve blogging. So, by reading this you are actually promoting my poor behavior. You wretch!

Actually, Riley is spending the night at my mom’s tonight so we can watch LOST in peace. The “so we can” from the previous sentence could be interpreted as “which will allow us to” or “because we wanted to”. Pick whichever you think best suits your idea of our parenting skills.

Here are some random things that have crossed my mind lately.

Drummers who realize that it’s not their job to make music funky are always the funkiest drummers. ?uestlove is a perfect example of this. He doesn’t ever play those ridiculous beats that white drummers think are funky. He (often) plays very straight beats and the funk happens in how elastic the instruments around the drums feel in relation to an (almost) static pulse provided by him. This is not true in every case but it is the case with most of the drummers who I consider funky. Houseman (G. Love and Special Sauce) is one exception that immediately comes to mind. He is a very busy player but very funky at the same time. The make-up of his band lends itself better to his approach.

The episode of LOST we watched last night was the best one yet. It’s the one where Claire finds out what happened to her when she was abducted. Finally an episode without some time-killing, pre-crash back story. I get it! Jack’s dad was a schmuck. Let it go. If I have to sit through another episode where I’m forced to learn one more time why Sayid likes to torture people, I’m going to torture people.

I’m almost done recording a song that has got me pretty excited. It’s sort of a Squirrel Nut Zippers meets Western Swing type thing. It’s totally over the top. I really dig it. It’s got thumb-style guitar playing, thick vocal harmonies, diminished chords, fuzzed out Tele licks, and percussion parts that sound like they were played by Tom Waits himself.  There are like 42 tracks so far. 42 tracks of total self-indulgence. Sweet.