Tomorrow will be a day of great wailing and gnashing of teeth; Riley starts kindergarten. Angel has been dreading this day for exactly five years and one month. I’ve been looking forward to it since the day I realized that pre-school costs almost as much as my house payment. Angel is taking the day off work tomorrow so she can really get all up in the sorrow of the occasion. I could either mourn with her or go out and buy as Escalade with all the free money. I’m still undecided.

As if the day wasn’t going to be rough enough already, Angel also has an appointment with an oral surgeon. It’s a pre-yankyerwisdoms consultation. If letting go of your little boy is almost as fun as having your teeth pulled out then Angel will soon know.

Riley spent the day with my mom yesterday. Here’s a story she emailed me about something he said that was pretty hilarious.

Riley and Grandma ReRe went to see Underdog (Riley for the second time). Riley shared a number of times the “Have no fear; Underdog is here!” statement.

After about ten times, Riley said, “Grandma, what is fear?” Grandma said that fear is when you’re afraid of something. Riley said,“sometimes I’m afraid of things in the dark.” Grandma said that she understood . . . and then asked, “when you’re afraid of things in the dark, do you ask Jesus to help you?”

Riley, seemingly amazed at such a question, said, “No. I ask someone to turn on the lights!”

In the words of Dino Nicastro “Ata kid.”

Speaking of Dino, we are going to start tracking drums for my solo record a week from Friday. Dino and I decided that if we’re ever going to get anything done we need to start getting together on a regular basis and stop saying that we’ll just get around to it someday. Progress.

One of the songs that is going to be on the record is a song I originally wrote for a project (that I bailed on because I’m a selfish lazy bum) that Brian McClelland and I were working on. It’s called Falling For Me. You’re going to want to remember that title because it’s probably going to be your favorite song on the album. I was very surprised yesterday when I opened that song in my recording software and found that the thing is pretty much done. I had forgotten how much of it we had tracked. Nice. That means that (for the most part) everything except the drums is done on four songs so far.

My birthday is coming up on September 26th. That means if you start putting aside fifty dollars a week until then you’ll almost have enough to buy me a gift. The main thing I want is this. Then of course there’s always this. Get to work.