Last night marked  – Wow, before I go any further let me just say that spilling Dr. Pepper all down in your keyboard is not the fantastic idea it may at first appear to be. I have to use both hands to push my S key and my space bar – the official return to Dino and me making sweet music together. We got together at the warehouse where we used to rehearse (the same place ‘Invention of the Wheel’ and ‘Posthumously, The Formula Kid’ were recorded) to track the drums for Macarena Shoes.

It went really well. I haven’t been in the room with Dino playing drums in a long, long time and I’ve certainly missed it. He played a beautiful track and his drums sounded phenomenal as always. We tracked the drums on his Pro Tools rig so I don’t have the tracks here but as soon as I can get them from him I’ll finish mixing the tune and we’ll officially have the first song for my album completed. That’s a very cool thing.

If you’re interested in the music Dino has been writing lately go and check out his My Space page. He’s got a brand new tune on there call “On the And” that kind of reunited The Imps for a song. The Imps was the band Dino and Steve played in before The Drew Johnson Band. In fact, one of the songs from The Imps album is also on Dino’s page. It’s called ‘Open Hand’ and was always one of my favorite songs from that record. Everyone who owns that album should be very glad. It is a rare gem.

There’s also a song on his page called The Hunt Spain that Dino and I did together a few months back. Very short but very cool.