Last night we were given definitive proof that Riley is in fact a chip off the old block. It turns out that Riley – just like his old man – actually is smarter than everyone else.

It was “Meet the Teacher” night at Riley’s new school and we were very pleased with how things went. When it was our turn to talk to his teacher the conversation went something like this.

Teacher – (Looking around like she’s about to tell a racist joke or sell us some pot) Soooo…uhhh…you guys know that Riley is…like…REALLY smart, right?

Us – Well…yeah…I mean…yeah…we think he’s pretty cool.

Teacher – I’m serious. He is extremely advanced.

Us – Wow.

Teacher – I’ve considered calling you to see if we can move him up to the first grade.

So it turns out they gave him a reading test and he got through the 2nd grade reading level and they stopped because they said he was getting so bored. She said that since Riley just turned five that he would probably not fit in so well in the first grade because he is young for his age…or however you say that. So we all decided to just leave him where he is and let him academically own and humiliate all the other kids to get back at their parents for how they treated me.

When she was telling us all this I was having a really hard time not crying. It made me so thankful for and proud of him. God has really blessed us with an amazing kid. You know the scene in Forrest Gump where the kid is watching TV and Forrest learns that he’s the dad and that the kid is smart? That scene makes me cry every time. That’s how I felt last night. Learning that your kid is not a remedial slug like yourself is a very touching thing.

I haven’t posted any music in a long time so I figured I’d put something up today. I’ve talked before about a song I wrote called ‘Sin No More’. It’s one that will be on the new record. Dino told me the other night that it’s one of his favorite songs of mine.

I’ve been working on the guitar part a lot lately and in an attempt to really get it under my fingers I’ve been practicing it very fast. So this clip is the guitar part played about twice as fast as the song actually is. This is just to the end of the first chorus. It’s a little sloppy at the end but whatever.

Download the mp3 here