Yesterday and today were bad days. Yesterday I said a bunch of things that I wish I hadn’t and today some things happened at work that make me want to say things today that I’ll wish I hadn’t tomorrow.

I don’t know if it was the stress at work or what but I got what I think may have been my first official migraine headache today. I can’t say that I’ve ever even had a very noteworthy headache at all. But this one today almost made me puke. I came home and took a fistful of pain killers (two Excedrin) and writhed around in our bed for about an hour and a half. By the time Angel got home I was pretty much OK. I hope that doesn’t happen again soon.

I don’t know if any of you notice these kinds of things but the WordPress theme I use for my blog doesn’t work very well in Internet Explorer. In fact, there are some weird thing that happen with Firefox too. If you look up at the top left under “Pages” you see About and then a zero and then Blog and a 1 and on and on. Those numbers aren’t supposed to show. They didn’t until recently. I think. There are a lot of other things that bother me that I guess I probably shouldn’t point out. Anyhoo, I’ve been diligently looking for a new theme and I found one that I really like but Angel thinks it’s too slick looking. So I smacked her mouth. Here it is. I’ll keep looking.