Reader and frequent commenter Bleemus (his name is Mike in real life) is getting married in one month. A while back he had asked me to play ‘To Mother from Her Son’ at the reception so he and his mom could dance to it. There was one big problem however, that song is super fast and completely un-danceable.

I worked for a while to try and find some way of pulling off a live version but there were just way too many obstacles. So it was decided that I would just record a slower version.

When I first started the recording process I thought that the slow tempo sounded totally ridiculous. But after I spent some time with it, it started to grow on me. Now I really kind of like it.

Of course there way no way for me to pull the band back together to re-record one song so I just did it with a drum machine and some shakers. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Download the mp3 here.