Taking a break from blogging always seems to remind me of how much I love attention.

I’ve been debating whether or not to start posting the songs I have finished for my new record. I get a lot of enjoyment out of being able to finish a song and immediately let people hear it. That gives me the sense of progress that is so vital to the huge undertaking of making an album (essentially) by yourself at a pace of about an hour a day.

On the other hand I get very little enjoyment out of releasing an album at the end of three years of work by saying “Here’s the last tune. Now take all those others that you’re already sick of and put them with this one. Yay.”

I’ve given it a lot of thought and it seems like the best thing to do is to just put the songs on the site as I finish them. And I’m starting to finish them.

The first song is called “Sin No More” and I’m going to post it in the next couple of days. Dino said he thinks this song is his favorite of all my songs. It’s very different from anything I’ve done before so I’m excited for everyone to hear it. I just need to listen to it another zillion times over the weekend to make sure that the maraca in the right speaker doesn’t need to be turned up a decibel or any other minute change that will have absolutely no impact on the listener whatsoever.

Here’s a recent picture of Riley just in case you’ve forgotten how cute his daddy is.

Riley Johnson

That’s all for now. The baseball game is about to start and I must enter a time of fasting and prayer on behalf of the Rockies.