Riley JohnsonMy surgeon’s cuter than your surgeon.

Riley has been trying to get sick for the past couple of days. We knew this morning that he had succeeded when Angel told him that if he stayed home from school he wouldn’t get to go Trick or Treating and he said that would be fine.

Well Angel and I weren’t about the let a sick kid stand in the way of us having mountains of sugar freely heaped upon us by the generous old ladies on our block. So we doped him up, decked him out and sent him off to pound the pavement and make mommy and daddy proud.

We only made him work for about half an hour. Besides, he had already scored enough loot to keep us fried for the next few months. Then after we got home and started sorting through the goods Angel’s friend Lisa came by and dropped off another 20 pounds of candy that she had collected for Riley. She told people she was collecting for a sick kid. Judging by the volume of candy they gave him they must have thought he had leukemia.