A little less than a year ago I started learning how to do the thumbpicking technique used on the acoustic guitar part in ‘Sin No More’. It’s hard. It’s very hard. It’s so hard and I’m so ecstatic that I can finally do it but I’m rather bummed that the guitar part couldn’t be more prominent in the mix. I worked on that guitar part incessantly for six months.

If I were a film maker instead of a musician this would be the equivalent of me shooting the most expensive and elaborate car chase ever seen only to cut it down to a ten second montage because I realized that it distracted from the plot.

If I were a film maker I would however be sure and put the entire thing in all its glory on the DVD with full commentary and behind the scenes footage.

So that’s what I’m doing – except for the commentary and behind the scenes footage. This is an mp3 of Sin No More with only the acoustic guitar and the vocals. It was mixed with no regard for musicality. I just want people to hear the guitar part that I thought would be so vital to the song and turned out to be more of a distraction from the melody than I had planned.

So here it is. Click here to download the mp3.