You got your The Office in my Survivorman! No, you got your Survivorman in my The Office. Everybody watched The Office tonight right? Michael went into the woods to do his own version of Survivorman. That was sweet. Two of my favorite shows coming together as one. The only thing that could have made me any happier would have been a game show where a huge cast of characters answer general knowledge questions while trapped on a mysterious island in the middle of a New York taxi cab.

End of thought.

New thought.

Have you ever taken a “before” picture? I did recently. Before I saw the picture I thought that I probably wanted to lose about thirty pounds or thereabouts. After seeing the picture I decided to just go ahead and slit my wrists.

Read this and then come back. I’ll wait.

I’ve put back on about half of the weight I lost when I was so sick and it’s time to address that. I had never taken a “before” picture before. So I put on some shorts and had Angel take a quick shot. Wow! Now that’s what I call incentive.

My goal is to lose a pound a week for the next four years. Wish me luck.