It’s looking like I won’t have any more songs to release until after the first of the year. I have two more songs that are relatively close to being finished but there is some software I need before I can finalize them both. Santa, if you read my blog, hook a brutha up. Solid.

I have this huge backlog of songs that I really want to finish. There’s quite a bit more than an album’s worth. It’s like this gigantic to-do list that looms over me reminding me that I’ll never get caught up. I’ve been trying for about ten years to get back to a place where I am recording today the song I was writing yesterday. There is a freshness and an immediacy to that scenario that is so hard to capture when you’re recording a song you half-way wrote almost two years ago.

That was one thing that bothered me about being in a band, knowing that the song I just finished writing will probably not show up on an album for another two to three years. There were very few things that bothered me about being in a band but this was a big one. (I’ve talked to Dino about this problem so this is not really news to my former bandmates. And please don’t think that I’m going to start spilling any guts here about the bands I’ve been in. I loved those bands. All of them.) Now I feel like getting caught up is priority one.

Some of these songs have been around quite a while. Some of them were written for The Formula Kid, a couple were written for the project Brian McClelland and I talked about doing a while back (pre-Christian post – sorry for the title oh gentle reader), one was written for church, one sounds like AC/DC, one sounds like The Zombies, no make that two, just, whatever, it’s all very cool I promise but the stuff I’m most excited about right now is the stuff I’m writing right now. And I want to be recording that right now. Pfft. Whaa!

For those of you following along at home Angel and I are officially caught up on the LOST front so bring on the easter eggs.