Did anyone notice that Lenny Kravitz’s piano was out of tune last night on the American Music Awards? Check it out.

After my last post my brother Taylor said I should do a blog about season 3 of LOST. For anyone who has never seen the show let me just say that you have an amazing opportunity right now to get caught up. Season 3 is about to come out on DVD so you can go ahead and rent season 1 and season 2 and by the time you need season 3 it’ll already be out. That means you won’t have to do like we did and crawl the dark alleys of the Internet trying to find your next LOST fix.

Season 3 was the best season yet as far as I’m concerned. I felt much less manipulated this go around. More was revealed and many questions were answered which was very satisfying but it still leaves you wanting more and asking even more questions. We finally have some sort of idea about what is actually going on. What a novel idea.

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you think you might ever be interested in getting into this show please stop reading now.

In the last episode of season 3 the first time they showed Jack on the plane with the beard I told Angel “I’ll bet this is after they get rescued.” I never, ever, ever get that stuff right. I didn’t realize Verbal was Kaiser Soze. I didn’t know what’s-his-face was dead in The Sixth Sense. I didn’t know that Fight Club was going to turn out to be an imaginary friend movie. But I got this one by George. So then that begs the question, how far in the future was it? Was it season 4? Will they never get that far? Will the writers strike strip us of our will to live?

If anyone is wondering I despise Pushing Daisies.