It seems like the more positive feedback I get about my blog the less I write. Stop looking at me!

I mentioned recently that I’m waiting for Santa to bring me a certain piece of software before I can finish the two songs I’m currently recording and mixing. The software in question is this. The thing that lead me to this particular software was a search for a convincing harpsichord sound and a convincing timpani sound. Both are needed for my song called “Falling for Me” and hours of wading through the countless presets in my keyboard libraries yielded squat.

Go to this page and click on “Harpsichord” near the bottom of the center column. I know, right? Me too. I was convinced.

“Falling for Me” is pure, late-60s pop. Definitely one of my most favorite genres of music. As much of a fan as I am of this music “Falling for Me” is the first song that I’ve ever written that is distinctly in this style. I think it sounds just like The Zombies. And if you’re going to do 60’s pop you’ve got to have a harpsichord and a timpani…and a piccolo trumpet. Word.

This software is going to open up an entire new world of possibilities with my music. Now I’m trying to think of ways to fit in a bassoon everywhere I possibly can.

I am attempting to make a very acoustic (as opposed to electronic) album with very few acoustic instruments at my disposal. I hope no one notices.