This may be a manifest No Doy! but in an effort to keep my good friend Dino Nicastro from being implicated in any sort of tastelessness I should mention that the drums on these new songs are actually programmed.

I’ve talked in the past about how excited I was to have Dino agree to play the drums on my new record so some may have put two and two together coming to the conclusion that the drums are being played by Dino.

We found that scheduling time to record became extremely difficult since we both have families and various other responsibilities. I do most of my recording as soon as I get home from work because that’s when I have some free time. Obviously that proved to be problematic being that Dino isn’t even off work until after I’m usually done. The fact that Dino and I live about half an hour away from each other didn’t help either.

Dino and I are still really good friends of course. There was no anger on either side. It just wasn’t logistically possible to get an album done in any reasonable amount of time.

Now I have to say that doing an album with sequenced drums goes against just about everything I stand for as a musician. But necessity is the mother of contempt or whatever so I have to did what I had to did.

I’m not actually using a drum machine or loops really. I’m actually programming the entire song and doing my dead level best to make it realistic and convincing. The sound library I’m using is this one. Pretty impressive stuff. It’s an extensive collection of drum samples played by a drummer I could never afford, on drums I could never afford, through mics I could never afford, through a recording console no one could ever afford.

I hope no one is put off by the fake drums. I admit it is quite off-putting even to me but it’s the quickest way to get things done at this point in my life. Bummer.

On ‘Going to Memphis’ I sent Dino an early mix to have him steer me away from anything that might scream “drum machine lameness”. He pointed out a couple of things that were give-aways and I corrected them. So hopefully we can all just get past the fact that some of this album is done with MIDI. Yuck!