We were fixing dinner tonight when my phone rang. It was a New Hampshire number. I don’t know anyone from New Hampshire. Whenever I get a call from a state I don’t live in it’s usually a Blockbuster Video robot telling me I have a movie that they’d like to have back. This time it was different.

The man on the other end introduced himself as being from Cakewalk. Cakewalk is the parent company of SONAR, my recording software. I figured he was calling about my recent email to their tech support to see if I was happy with the service I received. I was. But that’s not why he was calling. He said they really liked my song ‘Sin No More‘ and wanted to use it in an event they’re hosting at this years NAMM conference. Obviously I then soiled myself.

A few weeks ago I saw that Cakewalk was taking song submissions from SONAR users for this event. I sent ‘Sin No More’ on a lark just because I had a few minutes to kill and the registration form was extremely short. I actually forgot about it approximately three minutes after I sent it, until tonight.

So it looks like they’ll be playing my song with a few producers there to critique it. There is going to be a live web cast of the event and he said they’d send me some info on how to watch it. If it’s open to the public I’ll pass that info along to you.

He said “We really like your song” so I hope that means they really like my song and not “We’re going to have a field day with this piece of garbage”. We’ll see. Wish me luck.