Well they didn’t really have anything good to say about my song unfortunately. They said the vocals weren’t loud enough, which was actually something I mentioned to Angel yesterday that I thought they might say. But I was surprised that they said that having only heard the first chorus and part of the first verse. I think the vocal sits nicely in the first chorus but starts to get a little buried as parts are added in the verses and pre-choruses. So I will definitely keep that in mind on future songs.

One of the guys said he heard distortion which really puzzled me. He said the same thing of a few different songs but in those cases the distortion was happening because of over-aggressive limiting in the mastering stage. That was certainly not the case with my song. My song was clearly quieter than all the others. I would say as much as seven or eight decibels in some cases. The only thing I could figure was that the distortion he heard was in the mp3 rip. I think it was 192Kbps which would certainly reveal it’s limitations to the highly trained ears of a panel of distinguished pros like these men.

I think that the vocal might not be quite as buried as they think. The songs that were played before mine – as I’ve already mentioned – were mastered to be very loud. Then you throw my song in there with it being drastically quieter than the rest, and my vocal being in a very low register and the result is the perception that the vocal is way too quiet.

This was a great opportunity for me. I got a critique from some Grammy winners which is more than most song writers will ever get. For that I am very grateful. So I will learn from this and do my best to improve in the future.