It’s always good for me after I put a new song on the site because then I actually have something to talk about.

I had mentioned before that this song was a tribute to the Jellyfish style of songwriting but after giving that some thought I think that might be a little inaccurate. I actually don’t think the song itself sounds like Jellyfish at all. I think that if I just played the tune with an acoustic guitar no one would immediately think Jellyfish. I think the song itself sounds more like Rufus Wainwright than Jellyfish or The Zombies or whoever.

It would have been more correct for me to say that the arrangement is in the style of Jellyfish. From using a pick on the bass, to the timpani/marching bass drum punches, to the bells in the guitar solo, to the layering of all the parts at the end. That’s all taken directly from the Jellyfish text book. The horn section stuff is probably more along the lines of The Zombies style of arranging. And the use of the (unfortunately faux) theremin is a little nod to The Beach Boys.

I certainly learned a lot about my limitations as a mix engineer working on this song. Jack Joseph Puig I am not. I kept checking my mix against Jellyfish along the way even though it made me hate myself more and more throughout the process. I had to keep reminding myself that I’m just some local schmuck making music for fun and not a Grammy-winning engineer. I really just need to portray the song the best I possibly can and stop thinking that I can make a world-class recording. Me wondering why my mixes don’t sound like Puig’s is as ridiculous as some dude with a video camera and some editing software wondering why his kid’s birthday party movie doesn’t look like Saving Private Ryan.

I should mention that Brian McClelland makes a cameo on background vocals at the end when the ‘right before my eyes’ part comes in. Brian also let me use his keyboard and his bass I think. I don’t really remember exactly though since some of this stuff was recorded almost two years ago. Thanks Brian.

If anyone is interested in hearing the original demo of this song you can download it here. At the time I was really thinking of going for a hyper-stylized vocal thing as you’ll plainly hear. The drums on the demo are just some pattern on this $25 keyboard Chris Gustave gave me a few years ago. I liked the pattern so much that I did my best to emulate it in the final recording. As with all of my demos the lyrics are different and sometimes just nah, nah, nahs but you’ll get the idea.