The more I play this new ToneLab pedal the more I am impressed. I honestly can’t believe the tones this thing can pull off. I recorded a little clip of me playing the intro of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s version of Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’ just to show one of the many incredible tones this pedal can produce, or re-produce.

This recording is my G&L Legacy (a Stratocaster basically) ran into the pedal, then into an old QSC solid state power amp, then into my Fender 2×12 cabinet. The cabinet has one Celestian Greenback and one Celestian Vintage 30. I don’t remember which is which but I miked the one stage left for what that’s worth. I used an SM57 microphone and the recording is totally dry with no EQ.

My decision to play ‘Little Wing’ does not in any way imply that this guitar tone sounds like Stevie Ray or Hendrix. It certainly doesn’t. It’s just a super cool guitar part and it lends itself very nicely to this kind of guitar tone. This sounds exactly like a vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb to me. And for you guitar tone freaks out there, notice how the bottom end is sort of bloated the same way those old Fenders are when you really hit them hard. That low end distortion is not coming from my speakers, it’s actually coming from the pedal. I recorded this at a pretty low volume. Vox’s attention to detail is stunning. Check it out.

Download the mp3 here.