I was going through some boxes of old cassette tapes in my basement this weekend and came across a few un-marked DAT tapes. I was extremely curious to find out what was on the tapes so I dug out and dusted off my DAT machine. One of the tapes was the master of an album I did with the band Koffterweid called ‘Wilson In Your Travels.’

I’ve posted another Koffterweid album before called ‘Without Benefit Of Clergy‘ that was basically a recording project I did with Kristopher Curtis. ‘Wilson In Your Travels’ pre-dates that record by about a year or so and was recorded when Koffterweid was actually a full band.

I haven’t taken the time to rip all of the songs but I thought it might be interesting to at least post a couple of them. This was recorded right here in my basement on a 4-track cassette recorder around 1996 I think. It features Kristopher Curtis on bass and Darren Cuppett on drums who had only been playing drums for a few months at the time. The first song is called ‘We’ll Be Famous’ and ended up being a staple in the set list of The Drew Johnson Band.

The second song is called ‘Enough Son’ and was part of what ended up being a trilogy of songs about my break-up with Angel in November of 1995. The other two songs were ’11/95′ and ‘The Ballad Of War’s End’ from The Drew Johnson Band’s album ‘Invention of the Wheel‘.

If you’re interested in seeing some live footage of this band you can find it here.

Click here to download We’ll Be Famous.

Click here to download Enough Son.