Around Mother’s Day our camera went missing. Around yesterday afternoon it turned up in one of Riley’s many backpacks. I know. Your guess is as good as mine.

To celebrate its return I thought I’d post a few of the pictures that returned with the camera.

We have a lot of these.

This one was taken at the Shriner’s Circus just after watching some bears ride bicycles. Possibly the most awesome thing ever.

This is a cake Angel had her friend Missy (our own personal Ace of Cakes) make for me on our anniversary. For more info on the theme of the blue turtles read this post.

There’s an interesting story that goes along with this next picture. The boat that Riley is in is a boat that my folks bought when I was probably thirteen years old, so that would be about ten years ago. This boat has been sitting unused in my garage for about the last fifteen years. I figured that Riley was about at that age where a boy should learn to fish, so a few weeks ago I dug it out and got it all cleaned up.

I don’t have a truck to haul the thing in anymore but I do have a super tough and cool Escort wagon with a luggage rack so I figured that would have to do. On this particular Saturday morning I heaved the boat up onto the car and tied it vehemently and redundantly to the car. This took a long time. A long time. Then I loaded up all of my fishing gear (that I’ve owned since I was a kid which now smells like fifteen years in a garage) and all of Riley’s fishing gear (that smells like Wal Mart) and we headed to the lake.

After arriving at the lake I had to repeat the boat tying routine in reverse. This took a long time. A long time. Then we had to wait for a few guys to load out their huge boats at the boat ramp before I could drag our boat into the water by hand. Then I took a few pictures. Then we finally pushed off for our first father and son bonding/fishing adventure. I was very excited.

When we had pulled about ten feet past the boat dock my phone rang. It was Angel. She needed to know if I had left her the key to the Neon, our other car, because she had an eye doctor appointment in forty-five minutes.

I should mention here that we only have one key to the Neon and it’s on my key ring. Of course we have two keys to the Escort so it never dawned on me to take Angel’s keys and leave her mine when we went fishing.

So our first fishing trip lasted from the boat ramp to the end of the dock before I had to load the boat back onto the car (did I mention how long that takes) and go straight back home to take Angel the key to the Neon.

By the time we got home I was so frustrated that we just decided to stay home and try fishing some other day.