A few moths ago my step-dad Ed received some very bad news from the doctor. One of his kidneys had a sizable, not-so-benign tumor and the other kidney was bleeding. This would require two separate surgeries. The first surgery would be to fix the bleeding kidney, the second would be to remove the other.

The first surgery was a success but was very painful and the recovery was anything but pleasant. The doctors wanted to give him plenty of time to recover before diving right back into another surgery.

Today he went to the doctor to begin the whole process leading up to the second surgery. The doctor did an MRI and found that the tumor was gone. The doctor consulted the head MRI guy for a second opinion and it was confirmed that the tumor is nowhere to be found. There will be no need for a second surgery. To God be the glory.

My post yesterday may have left some with the impression that I don’t believe in miracles. That’s not true at all. I absolutely do. I just don’t believe in faith healers.

Ed’s miracle was not the result of someone kicking him in the face. It was not the result of some $1,000.00 “seed” he planted into a TV ministry. It was not the result of some red-faced evangelist calling down angels from heaven to carry away the disease. It was the result of God’s mercy. The answer to many prayers offered by God-fearing Christians.