I recently picked up some overtime at work and agreed to let Angel and Riley spend the money on me for Father’s Day. They got me the Komplete Classics sample library from Native Instruments and I am completely blown away.

I had read some really glowing reviews of this package and everything I read turned out to be true. These sounds are absolutely phenomenal.

I spent some time tonight putting together a little demo thing of some of the tones so you could hear how great this software sounds. The first thing you’ll hear is me basically improvising on the Steinway piano. The next thing is me playing what sounds a lot like Beck’s ‘Two Turntables and a Microphone’ on the Wutlitzer A200. Then next is me playing the ending keyboard riff from ‘Lunar Beams’ on the Fender Rhodes. And lastly is me goofing off on the Hammond B3.

Check it out.

Download the mp3 here.