Yesterday was a good day.

I didn’t even have to use my AK. – Ice Cube

Yesterday morning my new PC arrived. Yeah so it’s like totally really fast and stuff. And quiet too. Good grief. Now I don’t have to have the sound of a screaming CPU fan in all of my acoustic guitar tracks any more.

So I’ve spent hour after hour yesterday and today getting everything installed and set up which has not been without moments of panic. Most notably was the incident today when I was trying to install some Waves plug-ins and right in the middle of the installation I got the blue screen of death (or whatever it’s called…it was blue…whatever) and an immediate, involuntary shut down. Upon rebooting it got about half way through the boot cycle and up pops the same screen as the screen where my last PC died. The one that says “You are doomed. Something has gone horribly wrong and yes, it was your fault. Would you like to boot Windows in safe mode…” and on and on. I chose to boot windows normally (the least ominous sounding option) and after staring at a blank screen for what seemed like and eternity, it did boot like it was supposed to and everything was fine. Thanks Bill Gates. You’re the best.

I said yesterday was a good day – not today. So let’s talk about yesterday some more.

A few days ago Jeff H (frequent commenter around these parts, who was, by the way, one of the guitar players for the Fugitive Popes – that band I played in in Nashville – although Jeff’s stint in the Popes and my stint did not overlap – we’ve met once) emailed me and said he and a couple of buddies were coming to St. Louis to see the Rush show last night. He asked if I’d be interested in meeting them for pizza at Imo’s before the show. I was very interested. We email each other all the time but have never really hung out.

Then yesterday morning another friend of mine, Joe Y, called and said he and a couple of buddies were coming into town to see the Rush show and they had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I could go. Could I?!? Yup.

So I met Jeff and his crew at Imo’s and we had a great time talking music for a couple of hours and exchanging our best nightmare gig stories. He won.

Then I met Joe and his friends for the Rush concert which was pretty phenomenal I gotta say. Those guys still got it that’s for sure. They played for three hours. Three hours!!! Do you know how hard it is for thousands of drunk people to dance in 7/8 for three hours?

Of course they made us wait until the end to hear Tom Sawyer and YYZ, which I guess I should have expected. I kind of got the chills a little bit seeing Neal Peart play the eight bars of drum solo in Tom Sawyer. That’s, like, the eight bars that launched a million drumming careers. Very cool.