Yesterday we went to the Botanical Gardens because we thought that heat stroke and dehydration was a small price to pay to get to see some plants.

I am unable to save the kid from a sure spinal cord injury and carry this water at the same time – now hold this.

Riley learns that what goes up must get scared.

These are the trees that money grows on. Just ask Dale Chihuly.


This is why we can’t have nice things. The lady we bought Lilly from suggested that we get Lilly her own mattress to sleep on. We just so happened to have Riley’s old crib matress so we gave it to the dog. Here’s what she thought of that idea.

Riley had been drawing on the sidewalk with some of his chalk when Lilly decided to give it a taste. This was way funnier right before the picture was taken when she hadn’t yet licked off half of her pink mustache.