This has been in the works for a few weeks now but as of today it’s official. I have a new band.

Lou Mattea – Drums

Andrew Claar – Bass

Bill Clark – Lead Guitar

Me – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

It was around the last week of June when I contacted Lou and told him I was sick of working by myself and was really missing playing with a band. I asked if he would be interested in starting something up. He was. Lou hadn’t played in a band in a while and said he had really been getting the itch to get back into it. So we got together and talked and decided to give it a go.

Here we are only five weeks later and we’ve got ourselves a full fledged band.

Lou was the drummer in The Fugitive Popes – the band I sang with in Nashville. Lou went on to be a hired gun for many different artists and bands based out of Nashville. He has quite the professional resume when it comes to drumming and is one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet, not to mention the fact that he is a wicked drummer.

Andrew Claar plays a Rickenbacker bass which shoots him way up on the cool chart as far as I’m concerned. He also has this awesome foot pedal thing (that looks like the foot pedals on an organ) that he plays while he plays the bass so he can get some very interesting textures going on since he’s essentially playing two instruments at once. Very cool. Some of you might remember him from the band Bravo Co.

Bill Clark is hands down the most awesome guitar player I’ve ever known. I just can’t say enough about his playing. You can hear some of his solo stuff here. I highly recommend listening to his tune “Sounds Like Chicken.” The section between 1:27 and 1:47 makes me want to slit my wrists. Wow. I hate you.

So we all got together and played for the first time today and it went better that I could have imagined. Everyone seemed sincerely excited and we all agreed that we are now officially a band. I’ve got a bunch of new songs in the works so we’re going to get started on finishing those and writing new ones pronto.

We’re still looking for a keyboard player so if you know anybody definitely let us know.

The question that people are probably going to ask is “So, is this a Christian band?” And the answer is yes and no. This will be as much of a Christian band as King’s X was a Christian band. We’re all Christians – yes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of our music will be spiritual in nature. We do want to glorify God with the talents He’s given us but we don’t think that means that we have to sing exclusively about God. When Albert Pujols hits a home run it’s not a Christian home run. It’s a home run hit by a Christian. Like Eric Liddell said in Chariots of Fire “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”