There are occasions when I spend an inordinate amount of time amusing myself by recording music that is completely worthless but is wickedly entertaining…to me at least. This morning was one of those occasions.

I was lying in bed and had an idea. I wondered what it would sound like if I recorded a drum solo and then took the MIDI information in that solo and transferred it to a different instrument such as piano. So I tried it and the results were pretty interesting.

I took the drum notes and kind of split them up between three pianos, two electric pianos, and one bass. This took a few hours but it proved to be a rip roarin’ good time.

I took some of the highlights from this eight minute monstrosity and (poorly) edited them together into one mp3 that is a little less than two minutes long.

If Frank Zappa had ever written music for a piano band this is what it would have sounded like.

Click here to download the mp3.