A month ago I posted a little recording experiment I did and Kristopher Curtis asked if I could do more of the same. So I have – sort of.

The experiment involved playing a drum solo and then taking the MIDI notes from the drums and applying them to different instruments. The results were pretty bizarre and not terribly musical but it was at least interesting. This new one is far, far better and much more musical. This time I went for an orchestral type of thing and the results a pretty exciting I think.

Tuesday night I sat down and recorded about twenty minutes of me playing a very free-form drum solo. I then picked out everything that I thought was interesting which ended up being less than three minutes. Then last night I started applying the MIDI recording to various other instruments. I did quite a bit of rearranging of the notes to make it more melodic because in a MIDI drum solo there are basically only about eight notes that are used. However, everything you’ll hear came from the drum part. There was no further recording done after the drums were tracked. Then tonight I mixed it and giggled.

If you’re not a frequent downloader of my music I should encourage you to make an exception this time. This turned out much cooler than I thought it ever could.

This is “composed” in a linear fashion so it ends up sounding like the orchestral soundtrack to an old cartoon, only much more sinister. So you have to make up your own cartoon or movie scene in your head as you listen.

I am going to make the wav file available as well as a high quality mp3. This is an extremely dynamic recording so don’t get carried away with the volume right off the bat.

The Antinomian Strain

Download the mp3 here.

Download the CD-quality wav file here.

On a completely unrelated note: Happy Birthday to Dino Nicastro, one of my very favorite people.