It seems like many of my posts have started off like “I was going through some old recordings” or “I was digging around in my basement.” That’s because I have various hard drives on various computers containing recordings from various eras of my musical past. And it seems like by the time I make a complete pass through all of these recordings I can start over and will have completely forgotten what I found the first go around.

The thing I’ve found about all of this is that I have a precious few recordings of me playing the saxophone. I’m always talking about the things I learned as a sax player, which represents a huge chunk of my life, but there is really very little evidence that I ever even played the sax. So the other day I found another instance of me playing the horn that I had almost forgotten existed.

This is a thing The Drew Johnson Band did with Chad Rycenga. Chad is a singer/songwriter who used to run in our circle of friends back when we were playing around town a lot. Chad created our very first website for us and this recording was a little bit of us trying to return the favor.

Chad had a song called Thursday Night Song that was a favorite among his fans. A friend of his wanted to use the song in their wedding so Chad asked if we could do a proper recording of it.

This is Chad on guitar, Dino on drums, Steve on bass, and me on sax. I haven’t seen or talked to Chad in a long time so I don’t really think it would be right to post the entire song without his permission but this is the sax solo section which is started with a lick I stole verbatim from John Coltrane.

Download the mp3 here.