Today I started working on the lyrics for the next new tune in line. I opened up my lyrics notebook and started looking through it for any interesting ideas. On the very first page I found some notes I made to myself. The page was dated 3/12/08. At the top of the page was this:

I Have Walked On The Moon is shaping up poorly.

My Dancing Days, Sin No More, Going To Memphis, and Falling For Me are finished and sound absolutely nothing alike. I need to start over with fresh ideas.

I Have Walked On The Moon was the working title for my solo record. I still completely agree with what I said. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with that mess any more.

There were a bunch of bullet points on that same page. Here are a few of them.

– New beats.

– Don’t try to make blues music.

– Learn how to combine The Beatles with Alt-Country and Soul music.

– Don’t keep working on songs that don’t really excite you.

There were many more that I should probably keep to myself.

At the bottom of that page there was one lyrical line that I really liked. As luck would have it that line fits perfectly into the chorus of the song I was starting to work on. Sweet.

Angel’s blog post from today is exceptionally funny. Go read it.