I recently had an email conversation with a friend of mine who was claiming that the majority of Christian music is basically garbage. In my very best attempt to rebut his outlandish statement I said “You’re absolutely right.”

I’ve said this before but I think it bears repeating, the vast majority of all music is basically garbage. So in fairness to the Contemporary Christian Music scene I really wouldn’t expect them to be much different. I would, in fact, expect them to be very much different. But they’re not.

However, there are some Christian artists that truly rise above the fluff. Derek Webb is one of them.

My cousin Bryan turned me on to him a while back and the guy is the real deal for sure.

Here is one of my favorite songs by him. Someday I’ll learn to write songs with only five notes in the melody and make them compelling like this.

The video is kind of silly so close your eyes and just listen to the tune.