It has become apparent to me over the past year that it is not an easy task to find all of my recordings. They are spread out over four years of blog posts and on two different sites. So I’ve created a “Recordings” page where you can find everything in one spot.

If you look all the way up at the very top of my blog you’ll find a link named “Recordings“. Just click that and you find a long list of songs and whatnots from the past twelve years or so. I’ve got them roughly categorized and even roughly-er placed in chronological order.

This is by no means an exhaustive listing of absolutely everything, but pretty much everything I think you might be remotely interested in is there.

One thing that is available for the first time is the wav file versions of all the songs from The Drew Johnson Band’s album “Invention of the Wheel.” Those CDs are very hard to find these days so I thought I’d at least put the files where they can be found in digital format.

That page probably took me eight hours to complete. If I had know how much work it was going to be I might have never tackled it. I’ve checked all the links and the spelling and I think everything works right. If you find any broken links or if there’s anything missing that you’d like me to add just email me through my Contact page.