At band practice last Saturday it struck me how different it is to be in a band now than it was when I first started playing in bands.

We used to worry about the neighbors calling the cops because of all the noise. Now we rehearse in a sound-proof studio where not even the people upstairs can hear us.

We used to record practice to a cassette on a jam box. Now we record practice on a hand-held digital recorder.

We used to argue over who got to take the practice tape home to listen to it. Now we transfer the wav files to a thumb drive and take them home with us.

I used to make demos on a 4-track and hand them out to my band mates. Now I record them in 24-bit and upload them to my server for my band mates to download.

I used to write songs about the act of making babies. Now I write songs about how our babies grow up so fast.

I used to write songs mocking Christianity. Now I write songs of remorse over my own sinfulness.

It used to bother me that nobody in the band had awesome, flowing hair like mine. Now I think it’s cool that I have a buzz cut and there is somebody in the band that still has less hair than me.


Right after I posted this I went and read my brother’s blog post from today. You must read it. It’s hilarious.