Yesterday I got and email from our drummer Lou. Near the end of the email was this:

On another note I have some lyrics I would like to run by you guys.  We could put these to any of the tunes that don’t have lyrics or maybe a new tune all together.  I was pretty excited about these so thought I would let you guys critique them.  Here goes:


I’m a pretty, pretty princess
It’s a full time gig
everybody wants to be my friend
and it kind of makes me sick

when I’m not in my canopy bed,
I fill my diary with stickers,
when my mom yells “get down here Louie”
I just say “whatever”


Cuz I’m riding with the rainbow Unicorns
don’t you wish you were me,
yes I’m riding with the rainbow Unicorns
and I want everyone to see
Hey look at me.

So what do you guys think?

This email put me in a serious quandary. How was I going to get out of this one? Was this a joke? The rest of the email gave me no indication that Lou was in a joking mood. It had to be a joke. What if it’s not? What would be the nicest way to say “You are never allowed to speak in my presence ever again. Ever! Without exception.”

So I said to Angel “listen to this” and read her the lyrics. She laughed and said “That’s awesome.” Then she opened up her browser and played me this.

Oh yeah, it’s funny now.