Over at Digg there is some sort of top 10, or top 100, or top 3.14 greatest-whatevers-of-all-time list posted about every ten minutes. So I thought I’d do my own.

This is a list of the top 100 greatest guitar tones of all time – starting at number seven.

Weighing in at the bottom of the list is Eric Johnson’s tone on “Cliffs of Dover.” The reason Eric comes in at the bottom is because Eric bleeds phenomenal tone and when you display phenomenal tone on every single song you’ve ever played everyone starts to hate you for showing off.

Number six goes to The Edge for his tone on U2’s “One.” This was quite a departure from his normal Vox+delay thing and it was a great one for sure. The dark and muffled approach is not easy to fit into a radio Pop song.

At number five we have the world-renowned “Brown Sound” of Eddie Van Halen on the song Panama. The bridge of this sucker is where this tone sounds the best. It’s like cinnamon toast with a side of sand paper. Yum!

At number four is Stevie Ray Vaughn’s tone on his cover of “Little Wing.” This is the most compelling argument to date for the fact that God made fingers. Pretty much every guitar player on the planet has gone through a phase where they try to re-create this tone and no one has ever gotten even close.

At number three is the fuzzed-out spookiness of Daniel Lanois’ tone on “Orange Kay” from the “Sling Blade” soundtrack. This tone coupled with this style of playing is so incredibly attractive to me. It’s beauty cannot be overstated.

At number two is Joe Walsh’s tone on The James Gang’s “Funk #49.” This intro gives me chills every time I hear it. There are few things more wonderful than the sound of an amp on the verge of explosion.

And finally at number one we have Paul McCartney’s tone on his song “Jenny Wren.” My jaw has never hit the floor faster than when I first heard this song on my studio monitors. Producer Nigel Godrich should win a Grammy every year for the next 100 years just for capturing this song in such unbelievable detail. So, yes, an acoustic guitar beat all the electric guitars in this list. Maybe that makes me a sissy. Or even worse, a Dave Matthews fan. But this is the essence of guitar tone.

So there you have it. My top 100 list. Yeah, so, maybe I missed one or two. Maybe! But I’m hungry and I really don’t want to spend the entire night on this mess. So back up off me.