Last night Angel and I watched “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” This is a documentary about how Intelligent Design has been maligned in academia. I found it interesting for the most part.

Evolution is something I’ve taken a keen interest in over the past year or so. I’ve got a pretty good grasp on understanding the arguments on both sides of the issue. I recently read Michael Denton’s “Evolution: A Theory In Crisis” and found it incredibly fascinating. Denton is a Molecular Biologist and he raises some very serious problems about the theory of evolution, and he’s not a Creationist.

The thing I’ve learned is that it takes just as much faith (if not more) to believe in evolution as it does to believe in God. But most people don’t realize this. Here is why I think that’s the case. Take an average Joe who grew up in a family that went to church on Mother’s Day, Easter, and Christmas and who was also educated in the United States in the last forty years. He can probably give you a pedestrian explanation of evolution and a pedestrian explanation of the first three chapters of Genesis. He knows that an overwhelming majority of scientists fully support the theory of evolution. He also know that the preacher on TV who is stealing people’s money fully supports Genesis, and so does his grandma. What will he be more likely to believe? Evolution of course.

The majority of what average Joe knows about the Bible seems highly unlikely at best. The majority of what he knows about evolution seems at least plausible. But what I’ve found is that the more you dig into Scripture and the more you study its claims the more believable it becomes. And the more you study evolution and its claims the more unlikely it becomes. The fantastical elements of the Bible are widely known but the fantastical elements of evolution aren’t.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that, as a Calvinist, I would say that no matter how much a person studies Scripture, unless God has opened their eyes to it, the Bible will always seem ridiculous. But just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean that I don’t deal with doubt. One of my favorite scriptures is Mark 9:24 “I believe, help my unbelief.”

In the movie “Expelled” Richard Dawkins berates Christians in his usual way. We are stupid. But then in speaking about the origins of life he proposes aliens as one possible explanation. The aliens, being a highly evolved and advanced life form, seeded us on this planet. To average Joe I would think that the likelihood of aliens planting us here ranks about equal with a God who created us. Please don’t call us stupid and then talk about aliens. Besides, this just pushes the origin of life question back even farther.

Dawkins was asked what he will say if he ever has to face God. He said something like “Why did you so effectively hide yourself from us?” I’m not sure if he thinks he will squeeze this question in before or after he bows before God to declare Him Lord. I would propose that God would probably ask Dawkins “Why did you try and hide yourself from Me?”