This past week we went down to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with Angel’s family and to learn how to talk funny. I’ve been in the family long enough now that the jabs about me being a Yankee have abated for the most part. Their feelings that I stole Angel from the south just to make her get a job and feed her nothing but hamburgers have proven to be untrue so that’s good.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

We always celebrate Christmas when we go for Thanksgiving. Angel’s grandparents just so happen to be close personal friends with Santa and Mrs. Clause. I’m not kidding. These folks live as Santa and wife all year long. His licence plates say “Santa 0”.

This next one is Riley still trying to figure out the correct method for picking his nose. I happen to be an expert nose-picker myself but Riley hasn’t really taken to it as well as I would have hoped.

This is Angel feigning avoidance.

This next one is Uncle Matt and Riley breaking the wishbone. Riley is clearly favored to win in the strength category here.

On the drive home just past Monteagle.

Lilly hates our car.