Tonight the Johnson family gathered around the television to witness one of the saddest events in television history: the final episode of Survivorman. Not just the final episode of the season, the final episode period. Why?!?

The only show that could even remotely attempt to fill this vacuous void in our lives is Man Vs. Wild. You know, the show where the guy drinks his own urine at the drop of a hat. The helicopter drops him off in the desert and not ten minutes later he’s drinking pee because it’s the only way he can possibly survive. Yeah, that show.

Speaking of drinking urine, I think the folks at Pixar are geniuses. We rented Wall-E the other night and there is one of their “shorts” on that DVD and it is absolutely hilarious. It’s called “Presto.”

Check it out, along with a couple more of my all-time favorite Pixar shorts.

The music in this next one is incredible.