I’ve been practicing my guitar incessantly lately in preparation to go into the studio and start on the album. All of the hours I’ve spent with the guitar got me thinking about the fact that I’ve been spending very little time working on getting my voice in shape. My routine for getting my voice in shape has always been something like downing a cup of scalding hot water and them humming for a couple of minutes. I figure I’d better come up with a little better approach than that.

I started looking around on the web for some simple vocal exercises and techniques for getting my voice up to speed. I’ve found a bunch of stuff and have begun to put these things into practice. One of the guys who seems to show up the most often in a web search for vocal training is Brett Manning. After seeing what this guy is capable of I can easily understand why he is so popular.

Check out this video. Fast forward to about 1:28 and check out this mind-boggling display of range and control.