It has recently become known to the musicians at our church that I am a saxophone player. It is not as well know that I am actually more of a former saxophone player.

Our organist asked me a few days ago if I’d be willing to play in church sometime. I said I’d love to as long as I was given plenty of notice so I could have the time to upgrade myself from a former saxophone player to a real saxophone player.

Today I went to a few different music shops looking for a certain type of reed that I’d like to use which I think will help me get my ombasure back in shape. Nobody had them. I have become so out of touch with the sax community that I don’t even know where to buy reeds any more.

Though I failed at finding reeds I got out my sax tonight to begin the work of re-familiarizing myself with the instrument that I used to be rather skilled at playing. Upon assembling the horn I saw that most of the cork on the neck had completely fallen off. So completely in fact that I couldn’t even find where it had gone. This is a drag.

I looked at to see how much they would charge for a total overhaul of the horn. Even though having the neck re-corked would at least get me playing again a complete re-working of the horn is really what it needs. It hasn’t had new pads since I was in college. The last time I played the horn the experience was more like trying to play a shovel than a rare, vintage piece of master craftsmanship, which is really what it is.

The overhaul will cost me about a grand. I guess the church will have to wait, at least until Riley graduates from college.

As soon as you all get your income tax refunds you can email me through my contact page and I’ll let you know how you can get the money to me.