Man I really need to stop neglecting the site.

The official start date has been set for the album. We will begin tracking the drums on March 14th. I’m wetting my pants in anticipation.

I took my sax to the shop a couple of days ago and it turns out that the needed repairs are much less severe than I first thought. So that means I’m only going to have to spend about 20% of the original amount I had planned to spend.

When I took the horn into the shop the repair man opened up the case, looked at the serial number on the horn, looked me in the eye and asked “Do you have any idea how much this horn is worth?” I did actually. Well, I had a ballpark guess and it turns out my guess was low, a few grand low. If I could find a buyer for the horn I would have enough money to buy myself a brand new, very high-end horn and then have enough money left over to get myself completely out of debt except for the house. That’s the truth. Any takers?