One of these young boys grew up to be a highly successful attorney. One of the boys grew up to be a struggling musician. See if you can guess which is which.

Drew Johnson and Craig

I told you I was hardcore.

Blogging from Angel’s computer is an act of sheer will. My computer is still flatlining just an armsreach away from me. If Dr. Gregory House were here I’m sure he could do something. It would probably include a misdiagnosis of lupus, or maybe something to induce a seizure – my personal favorite.

You can always tell when I have nothing interesting to say because I either post some stupid picture or I post some bad demo of a song I’m working on. Such is the case tonight. But the well is quickly running dry because Angel has so few interesting pictures of me on her PC. What gives?

One thing I know is that anyone who hasn’t deleted their browsing history since 2003 cannot be trusted. The fact that she has nothing to hide is a sure indicator that she’s hiding something. She also doesn’t use Firefox. She uses IE! For the love of Bob Sagget! Did I not raise you better than that?

My mom threw a wicked birthday for Angel tonight. We all wore black in mourning of the death of Angel’s youth. She got a bunch of soap. I think people were trying to tell her something. Bathe already! Geez.

I ate so much home made ice cream that it made me want to spank Riley. So I did. “That’s for nothin’. Watch what you do.” That’s how I roll. I asked Angel if she thought Riley might be hyperactive. She said no. Angel never went to college.