A couple of days ago I got a very nice email from an audio engineer who had heard the Six Comforts album I did with Christopher Gustave back in 2002. He talked in particular about a short piece called ‘I Am Losing My Red Paint’ saying that it was very well done. I didn’t remember exactly what we did on that piece so I got out my copy of the CD to find out. He was right. It is very well done. I should be proud.

This is a spoken-word piece written by Christopher Gustave and read by Elani Myers. I did all the underlying audio and the mix.

You may notice that the thing begins rather abruptly and that there is a song fading in at the end. The reason for this was that the entire album had no spaces between songs. It was just one big long thing. So for me to just grab the audio for this one piece it has to start and end a little weird.

Download the mp3 here