Wednesday and Thursday nights I was in the studio tracking my guitar parts for three different songs. I had hoped to do four songs but it turns out I’m very afraid of red lights.

I was having some trouble with this one particularly simple guitar part and Jacob said “Just imagine you’re in your basement at home. The only difference is that I’m pushing the record button.” I said “Yeah, but at home I do everything 200 times.”

Over the span of three songs I used five different guitars. Because I can, that’s why!

1) My G&L Strat

2) My Tacoma acoustic

3) My uncle Keith’s Country Gentleman

4) Jacob’s Gretsch Tennessean

5) Jacob’s Epiphone Les Paul

Caution! Name-droppings ahead.

I used Scott Bryan‘s old Fender Concert Amp for most of the electric guitars. It was pretty cool to take it out of the road case that says “Sheryl Crow Band” on the front of it. Scott played in Sheryl’s band for years and he’ll be playing various instruments and singing on my record as soon as we’re to the point that we’re ready for him. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

If anyone would like to donate the money needed for finishing the rest of the album I’ll name it after you. I’m serious – except for the naming it after you part.

Yesterday afternoon Riley and I went to the ballgame to test our bodies’ resilience against the cold and the rain. We didn’t hold up so well. When we walked out of the house the weather was nice and tolerable so we dressed accordingly. By the third inning Riley was saying “Maybe we should go home. I want to be warm with mommy.”

This picture was taken just before the hypothermia set in.